Lyngby deep plate
Matt black porcelain 21 cm

221,00 kr.

Inspired by the iconic and timeless design of the Lyngby vase, we have created the Lyngby Dinnerware. As a natural extension of the Lyngby vase universe, this dinnerware can be combined with our other original Lyngby products, tuning even a simple meal into something quite special.

The original Lyngby deep plate of 21 cm is suitable for appetizers such as a simple salad or for breakfast with yoghurt, berries and nuts. Combine it with the other colors in the series for an exciting play of colors or keep it simple and classic with a single color.

Manufacturer: Lyngby ApS
Dimensions: Ø 21 cm x 4 cm
Material: Porcelain
EAN: 5711844102212
Packaging: Original gift box
Suggested retail price: DKR 179.95
Machine Washable




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Matt black porcelain 21 cm”