Lyngby Grinder
Clear white porcelain 17 cm

800,00 kr.

Inspired by the iconic and timeless form of the Lyngby Vase – as well as the magnificent oak trees in the forests near the former porcelain factory in Lyngby – we have created the original Lyngby Grinder (17 cm). The grinder unites handmade porcelain and natural oak in beautiful harmony. As a natural extension of the Lyngby Vase universe, the elegant grinder set combines well with our other original Lyngby products, turning even a simple meal into something quite special.

With its fine, grooved porcelain top, the Lyngby Grinder is perfectly fitting into the rest of the Lyngby Dinnerware collection. At the same time, a new material is brought into play with the grinder’s oiled oak base, which adds a natural raw look to the Lyngby series.
The Lyngby Grinder is easy to use and clean and it can grind salt and pepper as well as spices and dried herbs.


How to use:
Pull off the porcelain top part to fill the grinder. Turn the grey CrushGrind® adjusting wheel in the bottom of the grinder clockwise for a finer setting and anticlockwise for a coarser setting. The ceramic CrushGrind® grinding mechanism can grind both salt, pepper, spices and dried herbs.

Cleaning and maintenance:
After use with oily spices or herbs, clean the grinder by grinding some coarse salt. For a thorough clean, unscrew the grey adjusting wheel, take out the ceramic cone and rinse it in warm water. Let the cone dry for 24 hours before reassembling.
The grinder is mounted with a CrushGrind® grinding mechanism, and a 25-year guarantee/warranty is provided on the grinder’s ceramic parts.
Only clean the oak base with a dry or damp cloth – do not soak it. We recommend maintaining and treating the oak base with olive oil as needed to preserve the wood’s glow.

Manufacturer: Lyngby A/S
Dimensions: 17 cm x 4.8 cm
Material: Porcelain, oak wood and ceramic
EAN: 5711841317138
Packaging: Original gift box
Approved for use with food
Not dishwasher safe – Hand wash only
Suggested retail price: DKK 699.95




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Clear white porcelain 17 cm”