Lyngby vase
Blue glass 15 cm

7.015,00 kr.

The original Lyngby vase in blue glass (15 cm) has the perfect size for smaller bouquets, fine and decorative smaller branches, or to be on display as a sculpture in itself. An arrangement with various sizes of Lyngby vases gives a beautiful, harmonious, and graphic expression, whether you combine several glass vases or place it together with Lyngby porcelain vases.

Besides being available in glass, this particular size is also available in porcelain and several colors.

Manufacturer: Lyngby ApS
Dimensions: 15 cm x 8.2 cm
Material: Mouth-blown crystal glass
EAN: 5711849915329
Packaging: Original gift box
Suggested retail price: DKK 299.95



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Blue glass 15 cm”