Lyngby vase
White porcelain w. gold rim 15 cm

1.119,00 kr.

Lyngby Deluxe Edition is a series of white Lyngby vases and candle holder decorated with a delicate golden rim.

Lyngby took a look into the porcelain archives to find inspiration for the unique luxury version of the iconic Lyngby vase. With great respect and with an eye for craftsmanship, we have reinterpreted the original design with a beautiful, hand-painted golden rim.

The Lyngby vase 15 cm has the perfect size for smaller bouquets, fine and decorative smaller branches, or on display as a sculpture in itself. An arrangement with various sizes of Lyngby vases creates a beautiful, harmonious, and graphic expression, whether you combine vases with the same or different colors. If there are no flowers at hand to put in the vase, you can always place your dishwashing brush in it and give it a classy look for you to enjoy every day.


Manufacturer: Lyngby ApS
Dimensions: 15 cm x 8.2 cm
Material: Porcelain
EAN: 5711841601510
Packaging: Original gift box
Suggested retail price: DKK 299.95




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White porcelain w. gold rim 15 cm”