Lyngby Café Glass
42 cl. Clear glass

903,00 kr.

Inspired by the iconic and timeless shape of the Lyngby Vase, we have created the Lyngby Dinnerware. As a natural extension of the Lyngby Vase universe, the dinnerware combines well with our other original Lyngby products, turning even a simple meal into something quite special.

The original Lyngby Café Glass 42 cl. makes your serving of beverages particularly stylish. The café glass suits any occasion and adorns any dining and coffee table with its elegant grooved design.

The café glass is part of our new beautiful collection of glassware and carafes, which harmoniously expands our design DNA and Lyngby Dinnerware collection in porcelain. Combine the café glass with other products and colors in the series and create your own personal expression.

Available in sets of 4.


Use and care: The Lyngby Café Glass 42 cl. is made of tempered glass of high quality, gloss and durability. It can be used for both cold and hot drinks up to 135° C as well as in the microwave oven. The Lyngby Café Glass is thus perfect for serving hot drinks such as coffee, café latte, tea and hot chocolate. We recommend washing the café glass at maximum 55° C in the dishwasher.
Manufacturer: Lyngby A/S
Dimensions: 13.5 cm x 8.8 cm
Material: Machine made glass
EAN: 5711841142327
Packaging: Original gift box
Machine Washable
Suggested retail price: DKK 149.95




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42 cl. Clear glass”