Lyngby Candle 5 cm
White porcelain w. gold rim

2,00 kr.

Lyngby Deluxe Edition is a series of white Lyngby vases and tealigt holders decorated with a neat gold rim.

Lyngby took a look in the porcelain archives to find inspiration for the unique luxury version of the iconic Lyngby vase. With great respect and with an eye for craftsmanship, we have reinterpreted the original design with a beautiful, hand-painted gold rim on the Lyngby Candle 5 cm.

The original Lyngby Candle 5 cm is a set of tealight holders in the same beautiful grooved design as the iconic and timeless Lyngby vase. Create a really cozy atmosphere at home with these nice tealight holders in white porcelain with a gold rim. Available in boxes with two holders.

Manufacturer: Lyngby ApS
Material: Porcelain
Dimensions: Ø 5 cm x 3.3 cm
EAN: 5711841600506
Packaging: Original gift box
Suggested retail price: 2-packs, DKR 99,95