Lyngby mug
Blue porcelain 32 cl. 2-pack

Inspired by the shape of the iconic and timeless Lyngby vase, we have created the Lyngby frame. As a natural extension of the Lyngby vase universe, this frame can be combined with our other original Lyngby products and turn even a simple meal into something very special.

The original Lyngby mug of 32 cl. is made for a good cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. With the classic grooves and the elegant handle, the mug adorns any dining and coffee table. The mug is also practically designed and can be stacked in the kitchen cupboard. Combine the mug with the other colors in the series for an exciting color play or keep it simple with the classic white color.

Comes in a set of 2.

This item is covered by a 24-month breakage guarantee.


Manufacturer: Lyngby ApS
Dimensions: 11 cm H x 8.7 cm W
Material: Porcelain
EAN: 5711841432085
Packaging: Original gift box with print
Guidance retail price: DKK 299.95
Dishwasher safe


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Blue porcelain 32 cl. 2-pack”