Lyngby Mug
Clear white porcelain 32 cl.
Flora Danica Aconite

132,20 kr.

Inspired by the iconic and timeless design of the Lyngby vase, we have created the original Lyngby Dinnerware. As a natural extension of the Lyngby vase universe, this dinnerware combines well with our other original Lyngby products, turning even a simple meal into something quite special.

The original Lyngby mug of 32 cl. is ideal for a good cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. With the classic grooves and the elegant handle, the mug will adorn any dining and coffee table – both for everyday use and for special occasions. The mug has a practical design and can be stacked in the kitchen cabinet.

Back in the day, it was popular to decorate white Lyngby Vases from Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark (1936-1969) with motifs of wild flowers. This inspired us to create a new Lyngby series of exclusive products with original flora motifs from Flora Danica – the world’s largest hand-colored botanical atlas published in 1761-1883. The series is harmoniously expanding the Lyngby collection whilst paying tribute to Danish history – both in terms of the Lyngby Vase’s unique design heritage and Flora Danica’s natural history value.

Among the more than 3,000 Flora Danica motifs, the enticing and colorful aconite with plate number MDCXCVIII has been carefully selected to embellish the Lyngby mug in this series. The aconite is a spectacular perennial, known for both its beautiful deep blue flowers with helmet-shaped sepals and its strong toxicity.

How to clean:
The flora motif is not dishwasher safe and should only be washed by hand.

Available in gift box of 1 piece.


Manufacturer: Lyngby A/S
Dimensions: 11 cm H x 8.7 cm W
Material: Porcelain
EAN: 5711841991321
Packaging: Original gift box
Suggested retail price: DKK 199.95
Not dishwasher safe – hand wash only




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Clear white porcelain 32 cl.
Flora Danica Aconite”