Weißes marmor 20 cm

101,00 kr.

1936 – 2016

The popular Lyngby vase can celebrate its 80th birthday in 2016. As a tribute to the iconic vase Lyngby has made a special anniversary edition of the vase in Portuguese marble.

The Lyngby vase has had quite a comeback in recent years. Today the stylish vase has become a design icon for the Danish people. The shape of the vase is inspired by the classic greek dorian column, and with the use of white portuguese estremoz marble, the anniversary vase takes the classic Lyngby vase back to its roots. This new and regal version of the vase presents itself in a clean and monumental way, like a classic sculpture.

Each Lyngby marble vase is different in their character, since the marble always has a different pattern.

Manufacturer: Lyngby A/S
Dimensions: 20 cm x 11 cm
Material: Portuguese estremoz marble
EAN: 5711841002010
Packaging: Wooden anniversary box with print
Suggested retail price: DKR 999,95





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Weißes marmor 20 cm”